The Word of the year

I had a vision and in the vision I was riding horses with Jesus. he
was talking to me about the realization of the glory of God all over
the earth. I asked “When will the realization of the glory of God
come on the earth”? Jesus answer was “When you tell this vision to
someone it will be very soon.” I said “okay, when should I tell
someone”? He said, “you will know”.
Then we ended up in a cave like thing except it was open on both
ends it was square shape and very bright. If this is hard to picture
down below is a picture that Akiene did that looks exactly like the

I said,” what is this place?” Jesus answered, “this is a glory
cave.” Then – for some reason – Jesus went out of the cave and rode
around. But I felt like I supposed to stay in there. I sat on my horse
and enjoyed the Presence of the glory of God, because he was still
with me. Tho’ I couldn’t see him anymore. I got off my eventually and
I a rocky mountain not far away. It wasn’t pointed but sort of flat
on top.
I wanted to climb it, so I started walking toward it. I got there
very quickly – sort of teleported there.
I climbed, and eventually made it up there – only falling back a
couple times. I saw an eagle nest … no eagles in it . A little
later I saw 12 eagles soaring together – moving as a group. It looked
like maybe the mom and Dad were in the middle with wings touching.
At was the end of the vision. As I was telling the vision, I
realized this was about freedom an eagle of freedom for each month of
the year.
As the year began, I learned month by month what it was for each
month. It’s October now, so we will make the list without explaining
what we experienced or observed each month. But it has been very,
very encouraging for this special year!

Jan. freedom over FEAR

Feb. Freedom from SICKNESS

Mar. Freedom from SADNESS

Apr./May Freedom from WORRY and STRESS

June The Freedom of LOVE (catch-up month) which is everything!

July Freedom over closed doors, closed ears, feeling trapped.

Aug. surprises of Freedom

Sep. Miracle Breakthro’s

Oct. Freedom from struggle

I love you all I will write as soon as I can


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